What is Bitcoin Fear And Greed Index?

The Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index is a tool that is designed to measure the emotions and sentiments of traders and investors in the Bitcoin market. It is a composite index that uses a variety of indicators to determine whether the market is experiencing fear or greed at any given time.

The index is based on a scale from 0 to 100, with a score of 0 indicating “extreme fear” and a score of 100 indicating “extreme greed.” When the index is at the lower end of the scale, it suggests that investors are fearful and may be hesitant to buy Bitcoin. When the index is at the higher end of the scale, it suggests that investors are greedy and may be more inclined to buy Bitcoin.

Some of the indicators that are used to calculate the Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index include:

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Cryptocurrencies With Good Potential in March 2023

Cryptocurrencies have been a hot topic for investors and traders alike for several years now, and the trend is expected to continue in March 2023. While the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and unpredictable, there are some cryptocurrencies that are showing good potential for growth and could be worth considering for investment. Here are some of the top cryptocurrencies with good potential in March 2023:

  1. Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is the most popular and well-known cryptocurrency, and it continues to be a strong investment option in March 2023. Despite its high volatility, Bitcoin has demonstrated consistent growth over the years, and many experts believe it still has potential for further growth. With the increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies by mainstream institutions and the ongoing trend of digitalization, Bitcoin could see a surge in demand and price in the coming years.

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Buying crypto in Australia

If you wish to buy crypto in Australia there are certain steps that you need to take and the first of them is to choose a broker or exchange through which you would like to make the purchase. No matter which of these you choose you need to make sure that they are reputable. While it is possible to buy these currencies through both these avenues there are some important differences between both that you need to keep in mind in this particular context. A cryptocurrency exchange is a platform where cryptocurrencies are traded. Cryptocurrency brokers make it so simple for you to buy these by providing you with the easiest user interfaces.

Creating and verifying your account 

Once you have decided on the exchange or broker you want to buy your cryptocurrency from you need to sign up to open an account. Now, you might have to verify your identity depending on the amount that you are looking to buy and the platform that you are doing it from. This step is essential to make sure that you can meet the regulatory requirements and prevent fraud in this case. Till you complete this process you may not be allowed to trade these currencies.

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Trading Mistakes To Avoid In Forex Trading

Recently, forex trading has become a major draw worldwide. Nowadays, a greater number of individuals are getting into the currency market in the hope that they can make profits by leveraging the movements in prices of currencies. Are you one of those people who would like to start intraday trading in forex? In that case we have some crucial information for you over here. Here are some of the common mistakes that both experts and beginners tend to make in this particular context – ones that you need to avoid at all costs.

Using high amounts of leverage

Do remember that leverage can be a double-edged sword in this case. It can let you take a big position by depositing just a faction of the trade value. If you use high leverages you would significantly be able to multiply your profits provided the trade goes in your favour. However, if the trade does not go as you expected it to, you could suffer equally big losses too. If you do not want to make this mistake always ensure that you are using low amounts of leverages. Only use leverage to the limit that you could afford to lose. This way, to a large extent, you can save yourself from downsides.

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Crypto Mistakes to Avoid as a Beginner

Trading is as much an art as it is a science despite what technical analysts and chartists may say. This is especially applicable to cryptocurrency trading, which happens to be a developing market that tends to get volatile at times as well. Here, values can change all of a sudden because of factors such as illiquidity, herd behavior influenced by social media, and the manipulative whales. Millions of new investors enter the cryptocurrency market every year. Since cryptocurrencies are immensely unpredictable most of them lose money, which is not surprising at all. This is why there are some mistakes that must be avoided in this context as such.


FOMO or the fear of missing out is a powerful psychological force that leads people to make impulsive decisions. As far as cryptocurrency trading goes, FOMO compels investors to purchase assets when prices are skyrocketing in the hope that they do not miss out on further gains. This means that they often buy at the top of a market cycle and this can lead to sizeable losses when the prices correct themselves inevitably. Finally, FOMO can also result in crypto scams. A lot of investors have been lulled into taking part in Ponzi schemes or buying worthless tokens because of this.

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AVAX Crypto Price Chart and News

AVAX released in Sep 2020 and it’s the native cryptocurrency of the Avalanche platform.
Avalanche is a decentralized, open-source blockchain with smart contract functionality.
On Nov 2021 Deloitte announces strategic alliance with Ava Labs to use blockchain to improve state and local Governments’ recovery from natural disasters and public health emergencies.
AVAX is definatly one of the new and promising cryptocurrencies.

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    Is Forex Trading Profitable?

    You hear many stories about people who make a lot of money in Forex / Crypto / CFD trading. Is this true? Is Forex trading profitable?

    The answer is little bit complicated – yes Forex trading is profitable, but most traders are losing money.

    How could it be the Forex trading I profitable but most traders losing money?

    Well, to be successful forex trader, you need to invest in learning the market, trading strategies and gain some experience.

    After learning into deep the market and how to trade -it’s recommended to start with demo account to gain some experience without risking your money. Only after you see that you are profitable on the demo account – start trading on real money. When trading on real money – be very careful with the sums you are risking and the leverage you are taking.

    ESMA regulation require forex brokers to display what percentage of their clients are losing money on their banners and other advertisements so potential new traders will know that there is a risk here and most traders are losing money.

    Below you can see banner of Avatrade – recommended regulated broker that I’m advertising on my site. If you will look at the bottom of the banner, you will see that they are providing the percentage of their accounts that losing money.

    Tip – When you are seeing nice banners of forex brokers – search for the disclosure about the percentage of their traders that are losing money. If you don’t see it – the broker is not EU regulated, and this is not good sign.

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    Storj (STORJ) Price Today

    Storj founded in April 2014 and it’s one of few crypto-powered cloud storage platforms that allows any computer to rent unused hard drive space to users looking to store files.

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      Sushi Coin Price Chart

      The Sushi coin (SushiSwap) Launched in August. The Sudhi coin is both a cryptocurrency token and a decentralized exchange. The exchange offers a platform for anyone to swap cryptocurrency. The coin called “Sushi” propobly becase the creator like to eat sushi 🙂

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        Tether Price Chart and News

        Tether Launched in July 2014 and originally called “Realcoin”. Tether is actually a stablecoin which mean it’s price pegged to a fiat money which mean that users can redeem tethers for dollars.

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