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Is Forex Trading Profitable?

You hear many stories about people who make a lot of money in Forex / Crypto / CFD trading. Is this true? Is Forex trading profitable?

The answer is little bit complicated – yes Forex trading is profitable, but most traders are losing money.

How could it be the Forex trading I profitable but most traders losing money?

Well, to be successful forex trader, you need to invest in learning the market, trading strategies and gain some experience.

After learning into deep the market and how to trade -it’s recommended to start with demo account to gain some experience without risking your money. Only after you see that you are profitable on the demo account – start trading on real money. When trading on real money – be very careful with the sums you are risking and the leverage you are taking.

ESMA regulation require forex brokers to display what percentage of their clients are losing money on their banners and other advertisements so potential new traders will know that there is a risk here and most traders are losing money.

Below you can see banner of Avatrade – recommended regulated broker that I’m advertising on my site. If you will look at the bottom of the banner, you will see that they are providing the percentage of their accounts that losing money.

Tip – When you are seeing nice banners of forex brokers – search for the disclosure about the percentage of their traders that are losing money. If you don’t see it – the broker is not EU regulated, and this is not good sign.

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