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Forex Weekly Review: (Week of April 1st, 2024)

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Market Recap:

This week, the forex market saw a continuation of the US dollar’s weakness against major currencies. Risk-on sentiment fueled by strong equity markets and rising commodity prices led investors to favor riskier assets.

Key Events:

  • Dollar on the Defensive: The US dollar (USD) was the worst performing major currency this week, dropping against the Euro (EUR), British Pound (GBP), and several commodity-linked currencies. The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) minutes released mid-week hinted at a potentially slower pace of interest rate hikes from the Fed, further weakening the dollar.
  • Euro Gains Ground: The Euro (EUR) capitalized on the dollar’s weakness, rising over 1% against the USD. Market participants are cautiously optimistic about the European Central Bank’s (ECB) upcoming meeting, where some predict a hawkish shift in monetary policy.
  • Commodity Currencies Shine: The Australian Dollar (AUD) and Canadian Dollar (CAD) both appreciated this week, supported by rising commodity prices. The price of crude oil surged, buoying demand for these resource-linked currencies.
  • Looking Ahead:

    The coming week could see continued focus on central bank policy decisions. The ECB meeting will be a key event to watch, with investors looking for clues on the bank’s future path regarding interest rates. Geopolitical tensions and economic data releases will also be on traders’ radars.

    Technical Analysis:

  • EUR/USD: The EUR/USD currency pair is testing a key resistance level around 1.09. A break above this level could signal further upside potential for the Euro.
  • USD/JPY: The USD/JPY pair is hovering near a multi-month low. A sustained move below this level could indicate further weakness for the US dollar against the Japanese Yen.
  • Other Interesting Stories:

  • The ongoing conflict in the Middle East has the potential to disrupt global oil supplies and impact currency valuations.
  • The strength of the US dollar in the first quarter may be nearing its end, with a potential shift towards a weaker dollar for the rest of the year.
  • Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. Please do your own research before making any investment decisions.

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