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What Is ZuluTrade?

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It’s a mirror- trading company alright but why this name? What Zulu?

You see, the word’ ZULU’ denotes a Greek God. A successful trader in the “forex markets with 99% failures” is seen as nothing less than a “God” and thus the company name, ‘Gods of trading’ as what this company has done is that it brought the best of forex traders on its trading panel to serve to you. You decide who you want to follow, make the God happy and the wish is for you to ask.

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Practically talking, this company ‘ZuluTrade’ has collected some very good traders from different parts of the world who trade with their own money in their accounts held with ZuluTrade. This company has an arrangement with them to have access to their accounts, to connect their accounts to other people’s accounts and automatically mirror-trade all their activities in all of the connected accounts. Of course ZuluTrade does it only when they see that the trader is worth keeping on its panel and his skills are worth the demonstration. As a client, you just have to open an account with a broker recommended by ZuluTrade, choose a trader on ZuluTrade panel and let ZuluTrade know your choice. They will connect your account to the chosen trader’s account and ensure that the trader’s trades are also opened in your account the moment they happen. So if he makes profits in his own accounts, the connected accounts also will make similar profits, if they take a loss, you also lose. However, likelihood of their losing money is less as all these traders are carefully selected before making their services available to the public and they all happen to be masters of their trade.

You might want to take advantage of this facility to use varied skills of these really good traders available on ZuluTrade to trade your money. While some traders demonstrate an aggressive trading with high risk on their capital, other ones show a Low-profit low-risk performance. Its on you to decide what kind of trading you like more, they have something for all.

But there also is a possibility that you yourself are a very good trader. So why to not let the world know about your skills and what better than ZuluTrade to do it for you? You just need to set up a simple account with ZuluTrade, write your profile, create a small description of your trading system and start trading. Rest of your performance profile is created on its own as ZuluTrade has a highly-sophisticated system to update your page. If you are good with your trading, you will easily be noticed. If they give you a dollar in return, then what and where is the harm?

You may also decide to become a marketing affiliate for them where you bring these services of ZuluTrade and the ‘ZULUS’ there to the knowledge of public. You can sign up with them as an affiliate, write a few articles about them and circulate it online. May be you could also refer it to your friends, relatives and network so that they also could open their accounts, even if with only a little money and make some extra bucks. This way, you also earn a residual income and don’t forget that ‘Every little helps’.

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