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The Easiest Way to Trade Bitcoins / Cryptocurrencies

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If you are presently mulling your foray into the world of cryptocurrencies or bitcoin then you should go through this post. Your introduction might as well convince you that you can easily sign up for an exchange since they are virtual gatekeepers that are capable of converting Bitcoinand flat currency. In such a scenario, apparently, you will not be able to estimate the true significance of a broker. In fact, you might as well even end up thinking that the very existence of brokers in the world of cryptocurrency is pointless. However, let us tell you that the brokers do have a very meaningful presence in the world – it’s simply because of the fact that they offer you a way more expedient access to it. Though the brokers are less popular than the Exchanges, yet their services remain invaluable today.

Trading Bitcoin or Cryptocurrencies: The Significant Role Played by the Broker

Considering the aforementioned fact, now you might as well want to initiate the journey under the able guidance of a broker. However, before taking the plunge, do know for a fact that it is the easiest to trade bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies with brokers – provided you are taking help from a credentialed broker.

Documented below are the advantages of trading with the help of leading brokers like Avatrade. Your choice of the broker should be factored on several considerations. You should select a name which is duly regulated by the concerned authority. It should offer you flexible leverage amount and be backed by an easy to use platform. You should also have sufficient timeframe at your disposal to practice with the help of a demo account – so that when you are actually trading with real money, you know that you have had sufficient practice backing your exposure to the market.

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Qualities of Reliable Brokers

At the very onset it must be clarified that a flashy website does in no way guarantee that a particular broker is a member of the concerned regulatory body. The primary responsibility of the regulatory body is to protect the traders from fraud and eventually safeguard their interests in the best possible fashion. Traders should be prudent enough to open accounts only after ascertaining whether the broker is duly regulated or not.

Traders should also be duly aware of both the advantage and the flipside of high leverage. Based on the broker you have hired, traders can enjoy several leverage amounts including 50:1 and 200:1. If the trader is enjoying winning positions, then the high leverage can work in his favor but it has the potential to destroy your chances if the moves don’t go in your favor. Both the chances of making profit and registering losses are equally high.

The broker mentioned above (AVATRADE) have all the aforementioned qualities going for them. We will document the advantages offered by each of these brokers so that you can make an informed decision regarding the choice.

Avatrade also has almost all the qualities of a good broker. The leverage is something around 20:1. It is fully regulated. (AVA Trade EU Limited) is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. You can trade 24/7 with access to closing positions on weekend.

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