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Alternative non-custodial cold wallets

Safe Ways To Store Crypto

These days, investors from middle and lower-income countries are investing more
in crypto and bitcoin. People over there are using them to send remittances,
preserve their savings, and work as a substitute when it becomes hard to access
financial services in those countries.

Various entities are coming up with new products and services to make it easier
for those that are new to crypto or have been investing in them for quite some
time. However, this greater rate of adoption has also led to more thefts and

2022 was the worst year in terms of the value of stolen cryptocurrency
at 3.8 billion dollars.

Commercial non-custodial cold wallets

One of the best options that you have in this regard is a commercial non-custodial
cold wallet. You would find a lot of options in this case such as Trezor Model T and
Ledger Nano X.
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