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MyDigiTrade: A New Generation Of Social Trading

You don’t need to complete a multi-level training and spend time on acquiring practical skills in order to earn in any financial market any more. All these problems can be solved by social trading – an international network of practicing traders united for the purpose of mutual information exchange.

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The Social Trading Idea & Concept

Experienced trader → Trader trades by a profitable strategy → Trader gets an additional reward for applying his or her skills

Beginning trader → Trader repeats actions performed by experienced traders → Trader earns a profit without expert knowledge, experience and education.

Let’s consider in more details what is MyDigiTrade, and why it is profitable.

Features of the service

Who is it good for?
• For beginning traders, who want to trade on a par with professional traders since their first days in trading.

• For practicing traders, who want to earn an additional income by their trading strategy.

• For all users seeking support from like-minded people.

How to start?

• Select a trader with a profitable strategy.

• The selected strategy will be tested on a demo account within 30 days (for free).

• Open a real account

• Connect the account to MDT platform.

What brokerage companies do you need to register your account with?

Working only with proven brokerage companies regulated and supervised by financial regulation bodies.

What is a required initial capital?

Minimum deposit: $350. Nuance: a larger capital might be required for certain trading strategies.

Get a proportional profit

Trades will be copied in proportion to or in accordance with your individual settings

Example: Balance of account held by a strategy provider is $10 000, and balance of your account is $2 500 (4 times less). The strategy provider opens a trade of 1 lot and earns a profit of $500. Then a trade of 0.25 lots is opened on your account, and you earn $125 (4 times less, i.e. based on a proportion between your and his or her account balance).

And, of course, you may trade independently.

How much shall I have to pay for MDT services?

Cost: $0. The company earns a profit from partnered brokers’ commission. That’s why the more successful MyDigiTrade’s clients trade, the more profitable becomes the service. On the contrary, the better the MDT platform works, the more its clients earn.

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Why is it good for traders (strategy providers) to trade profitably?

They are paid according to the same scheme as MyDigiTrade (these payments depend on partnered brokers’ commission). This is why they will receive no profit, if they are not successful.

May one be the MDT’s client and thereby continue trading?

Yes. However, in this case a user must control all conducted operations by himself (a user is not limited by any means in this respect).

Benefits of MyDigiTrade:
• Safe scheme of payment that allows refusing MyDigiTrade’s services at any time (all payment transactions will be conducted through state-of-the-art electronic systems on websites of selected brokerage companies).

• Truthful statistics for trading style of every trader. Detailed information presented in the service enables to assess abilities of every user objectively (one can learn from the available data how much a user earns, and what kind of risks his or her capital is exposed to).

• All clients of MyDigiTrade can monitor current and completed trading transactions via Personal Area/Trader Room. It means that all trades are transparent that completely excludes the possibility of a fraud.

• Effectiveness of every trade can be preliminary verified by a history of trades. The feature is especially actual for users, who want to use services offered by several strategy providers simultaneously. The principle behind this feature is incredibly simple: the selected strategy will be assessed with the use of history of quotes that allows understanding of how much a trader could earn/lose over a tested period of time. You will receive a detailed text report supported by a specifically created chart.
• Absolute protection of personal data. Data are exchanged with the use of SSL certificates and encryption key (256Bit).

Additional benefits


Your funds are available to you at any moment. You are not limited by any contracts. You may suspend your investments and withdraw funds from your brokerage account at any time. The entire procedure takes several minutes.


All your profits will be left in your account. Subscription fee will not be charged to you, and performance fee will not be withheld from the earned profit. Only a small brokerage commission will be collected for opening and closing trades from you.


You don’t need to spend time on training and gaining experience. Make use of expertise and experience of people, who have already learned to make money in financial markets. The only thing you need to do is the most enjoyable: check your account balance several times a day.

You may allocate a part of your capital into trading strategies of the strategy providers. Besides, you may distribute your monetary funds between various strategy providers in the platform that significantly increases a diversification level.


The platform unites trading strategies of users from different countries. They all execute trades at different times. You may create your own investment portfolio in such a way that funds will work 24 hours a day, even when you sleep.

MyDigiTrade is an excellent service that enables both beginning and professional traders to earn money. However, despite all these benefits you should always bear in mind that investment is associated with a risk at all times. Be careful, and the result will not be long in coming.

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