How Much money Do You Need For Trading?

How Much money Do You Need For Trading?

Posted on December 14, 2015 Admin

Zero, Nada, Nil!

Before I elaborate on this and before you start trading, I need you to understand that trading market is not the field for you unless you are aiming to become one of the richest traders in the world. If running only the kitchen expenses is your aim, then becoming a sub-broker will do no harm. As a broker or a sub- broker, you can earn enough to meet your household needs but if you are looking at finding luxuries, undreamt luxuries like owning a private Jet, then you have to believe that trading to profit doesn’t take throwing your own little money in the market. Trading, profiting and making the most out of your Forex knowledge is ten percent plan, twenty percent skill, eighty percent power of concentrated will 🙂

First you need to have a concrete plan. A plan that not only comes out of your consistently profitable system but also out of your awareness about the available market resources that can take you the riches of the likes, provided you know how you use and exploit them to the most. If you understand that, then you’ll know that you don’t really need any money to start trading, you just need knowledge and brains!
2nd is that you need a profitable trading system. If you have created one like me, then you very well understand that trading systems never are and will never be available for an easy purchase in the market. If you need one, you need to create it on your own, with your own intellect, your own understanding of moving markets and with your own determination. This of course takes a lot of time, tons of patience and best of determination, things that not everyone’s been gifted with.

But if you were able to beat the odds and have created a profitable system, then you very well know that consistently profitable trading systems are infinitely rare and so are the profitable traders. You also have understood that the real market is not just your Laptop, charts and Indicators but also the business entities, Investment institutions and Global funds around you. The journey heron will only get easier because now you know that there is a clear and an obvious dearth of profitable traders in the world and if you happen to be one, then they all need you, doesn’t matter how small a big the firm’s name, doesn’t matter the geographical location. You know that they all need you, they all want to talk to you and they all want to fund you because you, with your proven trading system, mean “pure profits to the firm”! It doesn’t matter if they already have ten traders with them or not, if you are profitable then they would any day like to have an “11th one on the panel” because you again mean “pure profit”.

This precisely means that you don’t have to decide how much money you will need for trading. It is for the company that hires you to decide how much money you’ll be trading. Your Job is to only focus on your system and the best execution of it and obviously building the right contacts in the Industry. That explains that you don’t need money to start trading, you just need a profitable trade system (even if just a demo account) and one company to fund you big. Keep a ready six months profitable trading statement with you, go to and look for Job opening where they need profitable traders. Contact them, show them your statement and there you have an offer, small or big whatever but the company will fund you, so you’ll never need any of your own money to trade. How you grow from there and how you reach even bigger companies with bigger funds is your own determination but remember, when you follow this plan, then you are never putting any of your own money on risk ( that’s rule Number to trading ). These companies fund you unconditionally, at their own risk, so you and your own money is always safe plus there’s also the fact that these companies actively keep advertising your performance to their investors and keep raising additional capital for you to trade, which to you, means more profits for same amount of work. All you do is focus on your system, no marketing, no meetings and no hard work of the sort. Top of that, no risk at all!

Some of the companies that you need traders like you and do hire remote-based traders are Hold brothers, Drashta capital and fxww. You may also want to Google for more or go onto some employment websites like where you hunt some companies that need profitable Forex traders. Apply with some, expect an interview and keep trading your system on a demo to show them more. As soon as you have signed your first trading agreement, you’ll realize that real trading profits lie in working with hedge funds, not in trading your own solo account. To give you an example, Mr. George Soros from Soros fund management took home over $4 billion in 2013, his share in profits. That should explain what kind of profits are there to take if you follow the right plan and are able to join a good Hedge fund.

However, in case you also want to be earning a little during your initial struggle, then there are brokers like listed on Best Forex Bonus with a NO DEPOSIT BONUS plan. They give you a live account with some small money in it and how you grow it from there is your intellect. Again, you aren’t going to need any money for this. Just trade it nicely for a few months till you have good performance history to show, withdraw your profits to buy air ticket to Switzerland, bang into a company with and show them what you got. Thereon, leave it on them to decide how much of money they want you to start your trading careers with! Best of Luck

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