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Forex Free Courses

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Forex Trading – FREE Download!

You decided that you want to join the FX trading scene and you want to start trading. It’s always recommended to learn and take few courses in order to understand the Forex trading world before starting the actual trading.

The following courses are free and will give you the basic. These courses are good starting point.

1 – XM Free Video Tutorials

The course contains about 37 free high quality videos most of them about using MT4 (the leading trading platform).

You can also register to free webinars that are taking place almost every week.


2 – ZuluTrade Video Course

The course contains 2 videos and provides an introduction to the basics of Forex Trading (not requiring registration!!!).

Video 1 – Forex basics 8 min video
Video 2 – basics of managing a Forex account – 7 min video

3 – Ava FX Online Trading Academy

Provide 2 free video courses:

Advanced FX Strategies – This course takes you step-by step through various
Concepts that offer high probability entries, exits and the necessary stops to give you maximum profitability and capital preservation.

Technical Analysis – In this course you will learn to use charts and technical indicators in a clear, simple and concise manner

* This is a free course but you will need to register here in order to get access to the videos – highly recommended!

4 – easyMarkets eBook

This free eBook contains:

– The basics of what makes a Forex deal

– Step by step guide to placing a trade

– Using fundamental analysis in your trading

– Introduction to technical analysis

– Tips and strategies

5 –  easyMarkets Free Training Videos

10 forex trading videos to teach you from the basics to more advanced features of forex trading.

Summary – free online FX courses are good and will give basic knowledge and good startup point. I would recommend you to start with these free courses and then consider taking frontal FX course on your area (in a college that has good reputation only!).

Important – before trading on real money, open a demo account and trade on virtual money until you will get some experience. I would also recommend you to read the following post – FX trade online best practices.

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