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Forex Dictionary V-Z


Value-at-risk: The expected loss that can originate in case of adverse market movements.

Virtual money: Fake money that shows in your demo account to practice your trading.

Volatility — the movement or fluctuation in the currency pair prices is called Volatility. When the market movements become fast, huge and rapid, it is said that the market is highly volatile or the market is showing good volatility.

Volume: Total amount of money being traded on your open positions, also called ‘Volume trade’.


Wall Street: Wall-street is a street in Lower Manhattan, New York, USA where you find a large cluster of biggest brokerage houses, investment banks and retail trading communities.

Warren Buffet: One of the world’s richest investors who actively invests in the markets to make certain gains.

Wash out: A total loss in your trading account because of a streak of losing trades.

Wedge: A chart pattern where the price tries to consolidate in a narrow range after having picked a trend.

Whipsaw: slang for a movement where the price sees a sudden and sharp movement with an immediate reversal.

William %R: A technical indicator to determine overbought and oversold pairs.

World Bank: A body made up of members of the International monetary fund whose aim is to assist in the development of member states by making loans.


X-efficiency– The benchmark efficiency to trade and profit from the markets even under Imperfect market conditions.

Xeno-currency: A currency that finds physical movement outside its own country. It happens when retail traders engage in cash trading and deposits.


Yard: a trading slang that means One thousand millions

Yen: The Nickname for the currency pair USDJPY.

Yield: The returns made on your trading investments with your trading activities.

Yuppie: a young and educated trader characterized by his success in markets.


Zero spread: a no spread offer made by the broker because of the large volumes being traded by the trader. Under these offers, broker earns via trading volume commissions from the bank.

Zigzag: The up and down movement in the currency pair price after having picked a trend.

Zombies: Brokers who continue to operate even after turning insolvent or bankrupt to pay their liabilities.

Zone: see” Trading range’.

Zone of support/resistance: The price level area at which the trend finds either a support to continue or resistance to discontinue.

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