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Forex Dictionary E-F

All Forex Terms Starting With E & F:


EA (Expert Advisor): This is an automated script/ program which are written onto the trading platform software to read the markets, open positions and set orders on the trading platform automatically without manual control or human intervention. EA’s are also known as trading robots.

ECB: It stands for “European Central bank” that controls the interest rates and monetary policies of the countries under European Union.

ECN Broker — ECN brokers work direct with the banks and offer rates as suggested by their banks to their retail traders. They don’t charge spreads to their customers but earn on the volumes of the trading carried out through them. Another important thing to see is that ECN brokers have very limited choice of trading pairs unlike market makers that will most likely have the widest range available.

Elliot waves: This is a technical indicator designed by R.N. Elliot to study the market movements and find the future direction.

EMA: It stands for “Exponential moving average” which against is a technical method of studying e market movements on mathematical parameters.

Equity: Your account balance after considering all the profits and losses being sustained on the open positions.

Euppy: This is the Nickname for currency pair EURJPY (Euros and Japanese Yen).

Euro: Currency of Europe. (Also Check “Fiber”).

Exotic pairs – The “exotics” are those pairs that represent countries with underdeveloped or developing economies rather than developed nations, i.e. Turkish Lira or the Mexican Pisa.

Forex Major Currency Pairs


Fed: It stands for “Federal Reserve system”, the central bank of United States.

Fibonacci: A technical indicator designed by an Italian mathematician named Fibonacci to read the market movements on mathematical parameters and project the retracement points. here you can read clear explanation what is Fibonacci tool

Fibre: Nick name for Eurusd currency pair. This pair is also called ‘Anti-dollar’.

Forex: short-term language for ‘foreign exchange’. This refers to the Industry where one currency is bought in exchange of the other, i.e. dollar for Euro or Euro for Pound.

Forward/Forward transaction – This is kind of a trade agreement where buyer and seller agree to exchange currencies at certain exchange rate somewhere in the future. Transaction will be made on that day no matter what the rates are as the rates are already fixed at the time of signing the trade agreement. The period of such deals can be from weeks to lasting for even several years and the size usually runs in millions of dollars on a single trade.

Franc: Currency of Switzerland, also called Swiss franc.

Fundamental Analysis — this is the form of market analysis where the fluctuations are believed to be related to the news, economic indicators and global events. The opinions are formed at the time of news releases and the trades are carried upon accordingly. Fundamental analysis can be done at every major news release or time duration based news releases.

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