Forex Cash Back

Forex Cash Back

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As a forex trader you might just be aware of the concept of cash back or rebates on every trade you place. The proposition of getting cash back on every trade executed by you seems to add a lot of value to your trading experience. So, you might be too eager to find a broker that offers you substantial cash back on opening an account. However, it would be sagacious on your end to educate yourself about the way in which forex cash back works. The primer provided below might help you understand better.

What it Forex cash back? How does it work?

When you open a trading account with a broker offering you cash back, you are actually availing the opportunity to secure a rebate on the spread that you pay on every single trade executed by you. An example will make things clearer for you.

Suppose, you have traded 100 lots on EUR/USD in the last month and the rebate is 0.6 pips per lot. So, you will receive $600 credited back to your account.

Now, a trader might be apprehensive of the brokers’ intentions at the first place. Why exactly would they pay you for trading with them? Now is the time to understand how cash back in forex works.

How can a broker offer cash back to traders?

Do you know that there are not one but two types of brokers functioning in the market? Once you acquaint yourself with the distinct functions performed by these two types of brokers then the concept of cash back will become clearer to you.

The Full service brokers perform almost all the functions starting from handling your account, taking your orders and processing the same in the market. Besides the Full Service brokers, there are these introducing brokers from whom traders get the cash back facility. Full service brokers generate revenues from the bid/ask spread on the trades executed by you (their client). The more clients they have, the more revenue they will generate. This is where they collaborate with introducing brokers. The introducing brokers perform the sole function of attracting traders to the forex market and then referring them to the full service brokers. The full service brokers pay the introducing brokers a fixed commission for every trade the clients referred by them execute. The introducing brokers, who want to add some real value to your trading experience, pass a part of their commission on to you so as to pave the way for a situation where both the trader is happy and the broker gets to attract more traders as well. and are two of the leading brokers offering substantial rebates to its valued traders. Here are a few words about the same.

As far as Cash Back Cloud is concerned, they allow you to bolster your forex profits with the help of liberal loyalty programs, high cash back rates and exclusive discounts. What more? You can even secure $10 Welcome Bonus just by registering. You can earn cash back irrespective of whether you win or lose. With a network of over 5,000 traders hailing from 40 countries, they also have exceptional referral program for their clients.

Forex Cash Back Rebate is known to offer the best cash back rebates in the industry. They have collaborated with the most trustworthy brokerage firms who provide tradable instruments including commodities, currencies, indices, stocks among others. – Register and get $10 now!

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