Best Trader Jokes

Best Trader Jokes

Posted on September 8, 2015 Admin

To begin with, how do you become in Millionaire in Forex trading?
Start with a BiliionLol!

An experienced Forex trader knows that it’s worse than a divorce. You lose half of your net-worth and you still have to keep your wife 🙂

With that, we list a few popular Jokes in Forex as there’s nothing else in trading that we find worth a laugh. All the wins you make are only temporary, so sooner or later you’ll realize that you cannot repeat what you achieved in your first trade. I can definitely mention a Guy who won a free trip to China after having won a Forex contest online. The Joke is that he’s still stuck in China, trying to find a trip back:-)

This one of for stocks traders though experienced Forex trader will understand it too.

If you had bought $1000 worth of stocks for Nortel stocks two years ago, they would be worth $49 now. If you bought Enron energy stocks for $1000, they would now be worth only $16. Shares for worth $1000 would now be only $5.
But if you had bought $1000 worth of Budweiser beer and drank it all, you’d still have empty bottles worth $100 in the end:-)

Here’s another good one,
A Forex trader comes homes just to declare to his wife that he’s finally lost all his fortune and now they would have to drastically cut down on their lifestyle and their expenditure.

– “If you’ll learn to cook, we can fire the chef and save some money,- He said to his wife

Here’s what the wife replied

– If you could just learn to make Love, we can also fire the Gardener 🙂

A Priest from the Church and a Forex fund manager died to went to the gate of heavens. At the gate, the fund manager was given a silken robe, a golden watch to wear and directed to an air-conditioned apartment.
Then comes the Priest who was given a Cotton robe, an ordinary watch and a simple apartment,

The priest complained: Wait, this Man was just a Fund manager and he’s been given all the good things. I was a priest but I get ordinary things. Why is that?

Saint at the gate replied: Listen Mate, Here we go by the results. When you preached, people slept. When he traded Forex, people prayed 🙂

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