What is eToro Guru Program?

This article is only an extension to our previous articles on eToro social investment network and the concept of Mirror trading. While mirror trading, popularly known as ‘Auto trading’ is only a facility to copy the profitable trader’s trades in your account without any human intervention, the concept of eToro guru program goes one-step forward in facilitating your forex learning stage with a full-fledged teacher’s touch. It’s called ‘Social-trading’ or a ‘Social investment network’, a concept where you get to learn to trade from the wisdom of the real trader Gurus, interact with your fellow traders and make good profits in the forex markets as all good traders do.

=> Becoming a guru is more profitable and fun way to trade!

Under the eToro Guru program, you get to choose a Guru from the profitable expert traders available on eToro open-book software. You are of course, free to choose any number of Gurus that you like and then you can follow them on their trades as they go live. Since the Gurus earn a part of the spread paid to eToro, it becomes Guru’s responsibility to explain you each trade, the logic behind trade and also how to set your risk management that would best match the given trade. The performance and feedback on each of the Gurus is listed on Open-book, so you get to analyze their trading at your own comfort and then decide who it is that matches your comfort the most. Open-book also has its own criteria to select ‘Top 100 Guru’s on its own parameters and this list is updated with each trade that they make. So you need not bother if selecting a Guru was a challenge as here, you can simply opt for the top ten and then just Copy, follow, trade.

So, a perfect platform to learn and benefit from the experience of the trading Gurus but what if you yourself are a profitable trader and would like to boast off your skills to the world ? It’s really simple to do it here and find a strong followership on eToro as this is the only place where your trading skills will instantly be exposed to tens of thousands of people, all in a single place. The followers on open-book search for newer and more profitable Gurus, so If you are good with your trading, then it’s just a matter of a few weeks that you will have your own followers and your own fan-following across the Globe. eToro not only makes you a Global Brand but also pays you very good money for every new follower that you gain. What more, you don’t really need a Live account to prove your words, you can just sign up for a practice Guru Account and your statistics will automatically be shown to the world. Same is the facility for the followers also where they can simply open a Practice account, select a few Gurus and let their trading run.

That’s not the end as the eToro Guru program not only offers the opportunity to earn a trading income but also a second Income that is generated as you spread a word around about eToro-Guru program. Under this program, you can be paid over $100 for each of the new Trader who joins eToro social investment network and opts for this eToro guru program. Of course eToro takes no guarantee or responsibility on the success of the chosen guru but then again, forex market is all about risks and taking risks and Isn’t that what makes the forex market so much exciting? The Gurus have their own money and their own followership on stake, so they are always very cautious while choosing their trades. However, if one sometimes makes an occasional mistake, remember that this is a people-based Portfolio where occasional failures of one of the Gurus can easily be compensated by the profitability of others. eToro Guru is a carefully designed program that costs nothing to join and has only the rewards to take. So if you are a learning trader with a lifelong trading goal, I will strongly recommend that you take a look at eToro social investment network at the earliest and give this network a real shot.

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