Here we are looking at a US based broker, duly registered with NFA and CFTC and well known for its fair business practices, the name is Fxclub.

With its Head office on Wall Street in New York, U.S.A, Fxclub has been in the business for over fifteen years now and has a worldwide clientele with its major presence in U.S., Brazil, China, Russia and other European countries. The company’s managed to keep a reserve fund of no less than $20 Million to be able to meet up any contingencies if and when anything arrives. This broker also boasts of a huge manpower of over 550 employees to cater to all its client needs, be it in the area of training or the trading.

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Coming to their services, Fxclub offers the opportunity to trade and profit in the forex markets even to the smallest of the traders. There is no minimum requirement to open a live account which you can open with anything as low as $100. They also offer a free demo account of up to $50,000 to everybody to practice their strategies and learning before putting their real money in the line. However, the traders of Fxclub are never left alone to face any difficulties as the broker has a dedicated training department where experienced professionals take good care of your trading interest and guide you well in developing your trading career right from scratch. Similarly, Fxclub has also employed a team of experienced analysts who analyze all markets movement and keep you updated on happening and trading opportunities as and when they arise. The wonderful library of Fxclub consists of downloadable videos and eBooks that they offer to every client who has an interest in it. Not just that, Fxclub also gives you auto market scanning and analysis software ‘Auto chartist’ to help you at all stages of decision- making. This broker makes sure that you capitalize off its intelligence and experience and are provided with the best of training, analytics and a personal customer support, irrespective of where you reside. The company also holds daily training webinars for both beginner and experienced people that include daily market strategies. Guess what, it’s all free.

Coming to its trading platforms and charting applications, Fxclub has a vast array of options available to its customers. The platforms available are Meta-trader and Act-trader. They also have their own proprietary platforms, Rumus and Expressfx that are very easy to operate and work with lightening speed. Express-Fx in particular is a very special platform that has limited pairs but zero spreads, no slippages and ‘no re-quotes. What more can you ask for than this that they instantly refund you the commission charged on negative trades, so they become your partners not only in profits, but also in your loss, I haven’t heard of any broker with that good a feature. However, this kind of an account has a minimum requirement of $1500 to open an account but don’t worry about that as with this account, you get the ‘auto chartist software’ absolutely free.

Time and again, Fxclub comes out with newer promotional campaigns which include schemes like ‘no deposit bonus’ and ‘100% bonus to your deposits’. They also organize regular contest which are participated by tens of thousands of customers across the globe with ‘winner takes it all’. The prizes can include hefty live accounts, cruise trips with paid vacations and even a new luxury car.

Coming to auto trading, there is no restriction by Fxclub to put your account in the hands of their over 300 experienced traders who can mirror their trades in your account, manage your risk profile and handle everything in your account as their own. I truly believe that by choosing to learn and trade with Fxclub, you are taking a very wise step towards investing with a friendly reliable broker that will not only walk with you on a personal level but also match all your expectations, a hundred times.

Act-trader –  fast execution, low spread costs, and no dealing desk intervention.

Rumus – offers all kinds of complex and advanced tools, including historical data, alerts, market news, and charting options

Express-Fx – a simple trading platform that is easy to understand. refund you the commission charged on negative trades

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