Best Way to Buy Stocks Online for Beginners

eToro offering fast & easy way to buy stocks online. The easy to use interface is great for beginners.

The following short video demonstrates how to buy and sell stock:

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When you buy stocks using eToro interface, you are basically purchasing a CFD which is a contract for difference. In CFD contract, the seller will pay the buyer the difference between the stock value on the purchase date and the stock value when you terminate the contract (sell the stock).

What is the main advantage of trading CFDs as opposed to actual stocks?

The main advantage of trading CFDs is that you are not limited by the share price. For example: currently (the day of writing) the price of Google stock stands at $886, this is the minimum amount of capital you need if you would like to buy one Google stock. In CFDs you can buy fraction shares. For example you can invest in Google stock CFD at eToro starting with $10 (as the video demonstration above showing).

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