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Brokers are complaining; technology is a little too fast for them! First came the windows, then Macintosh and now Androids. Brokers have a challenge to continuously improvise their trading software as they don’t want to lose the Mac-users but where is the solution? Mac Traders are complaining too as they don’t want to be left behind , so here we will quickly see some of the rare brokers who have proven competent enough to invest in technology and have innovated Mac-friendly software for both, charting as well as active trading. But first, let me give a few solutions to those Mac-users who want to retain their old- practice brokers, yet do only with their own Mac Operating system.

First and the best solution would be to check with your broker if they have web-browser based trading facilities. These web browsers run on simple a Java application which is always the same irrespective of your computer operating system. It doesn’t matter whether you use Iphones or Ipads or a big-size apple Macintosh computer, as long as you have an internet browser and Java installed in it. Just open you browser and trade it like you would do on any other Windows- based computer.

Second alternative is to install Windows emulators or create a disk partition and install windows onto your Mac in the second drive. Windows 7 is compatible with Mac, though it’s a bit slow but it’s going to run any trading platform for you as if it is a Forex trading software for Mac computer.

However, there are traders who don’t like solutions but prefer a rather straightforward no-nonsense approach and for them, there’s eToro forex broker. eToro has an exclusive Forex trading software for Mac user which is as easy to operate as is windows- based trading platform. Traders who don’t like eToro may check out with Easy-forex brokers of Australia who have a proven history of keeping up with technological advancements. They’ve been able to produce Mac- compatible software that you can install in your Iphones and Ipads too and trade while you are on a go. There’s another broker Plus500 who has Forex trading software for Mac computers and it looks safe to trade with it. The functionality and features of forexyard Mac-compatible trading platform is the same as in any other windows-based platform or in meta-trader 4. In fact, you might also consider downloading Meta-trader 4 on your Mac via Crossovers ( and then manually install the missing .DLL files.

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That was when we talked about free Forex trading software for Mac but for those over-enthusiastic participants who don’t mind paying a fee for their software, you might want to check out that has a pure Forex trading software for Mac that they released in collaboration with Ameritrade broker. It has an active-trader platform with ‘drag and drop’ trading features to buy, sell or to put your SL’s and Tp’s. Why it might be categorized among the best Forex trading software’s for Mac users is the fact that this trading platform can also understand ‘complex orders’ including OCO’s. But if you don’t like the looks of it, then read further.

There’s another charting- application and portfolio- tracker software designed exclusively for Mac-users and its called Prota gold 3.3. It’s not just a typical charting and trading software, it also helps you in identifying trends and helping you make decisions on when to buy and when to sell. The software is highly advanced so you can set your own parameters in it for automated market-analysis and trade recommendations. Of course, this software comes to you for a charge but if you are looking for the best Forex trading software for Mac, then you don’t have to really look any further. Prota gold is the ultimate best.

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