FX Trade Online – Best Practices

Forex trading existed even before we were born. Yes, trading been there for ages now but imagine a time when they had no calculators and no computers. Imagine, dealing with numbers with your paper and a pencil and wouldn’t that take ages to trade?

So glad we have computers, so glad we have internet and so glad that we now have FX trade online. Not just the brokers, we also have the real banks to trade with. We open the trading accounts online in just no time, we deposit via credit cards in just no time and we are there, ready to trade, FX trade online.

So how do you trade or take your first step towards trading?  First of all, you need some basic education that you find on multiple websites. There are some very good ones like Baby pips where you will find not just the good educational material but also good notes by experienced traders who actually make a living by FX trade online.

Your next step is to find a broker who will take your orders and maintain your account. Make sure you find a broker who is registered with the regulatory bodies of its country as internet is full of fake companies with all kinds of malpractices. A regulated broker is safe to trade with in terms of safety of your deposits and withdrawal.

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Now you have to start your career in FX trade online but you need to know that buying and selling currencies require decision making based on market analysis. You have two options here, first, to learn to analyze the market on your own. For this, your broker will facilitate you with charting application where you can apply your technical indicators and start trading on your own.  You may also decide to use fundamental indicators rather. The good news is that the brokers also send you regular updates on all major news happening around the world. What more can you ask for when you get all the news on your desktop, the moment it happens, all the time?

Your second option is to find a good and reputed signal provider who analyses the market and gives you the right trade recommendation. Even better is to find a few hubs like Zulu trade or collective2 where you can find all the major signal providers listed with their performance history on multiple parameters. You can decide who you want to go with and thereon, its simple. Subscribe to him and just follow his trades.

However, FX trade online has now taken a new dimension with the now available API configuration systems and Auto trading.  Under these, you can just connect your trading account to good trader that you may know or find on Zulu trade. Once you have connected to him, his real time trades are automatically mirrored onto your account also, hence keeping your trading hands free. This concept is called mirror trading and has the major advantage of keeping you free from analyzing the markets and making decisions on your own. This concept now is on the rise and you too should take advantage of this mechanism as this is easy money.

But remember before you start FX trade online; put only that money to the markets which you can afford to lose. Never ever trade with borrowed money as forex trading has a lot to do with Human Psychology and that takes a toll on your trading  decisions the moment you realize that the money on the line is borrowed, not yours. Always invest only your own money and only what you can afford to lose.

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What’s New in MT 5

It’s been approximately fourteen years that Metaquotes software corporation was launched, with the primary objective to develop user-friendly client terminal software for financial markets. It was in 2000 that the first product METATRADER (MT) was launched to assist traders with automated trading facilities, without human intervention. The product of-course was a hit (primarily because of the ease to use it on any standard windows-based computer), and thus it gained popularity among worldwide traders and global brokers. The company behind this software went on developing and releasing faster and superior version of this product at regular intervals and thus the series, MT, MT2, MT3, MT4 and now in 2010, MT5, the latest, most superior and the most advanced of all.

However, Even after four years of its release, the traders and the brokers continue reluctance to acceptance of this new version as compared to their interests and patronage to MT4, mainly because of the Incompatibility of this software to its previous versions, meaning that the expert advisors or trading Robots designed for use with the earlier version (I.e. MT3 and MT4) cannot be loaded on this platform unless the robot scripts are written again in the MQL language to go well with MT5. Traders are not keen to spend again on their EA’s and Robots for use with MT5, hence MT4 still continues to be the most popular choice, among traders, among brokers.

However, there are features and reasons that make MT5, a definitely better product, for any newcomer or a mechanical trader in Forex. Among the prominent new features, there’s the ability to switch to 21 time-frames on charts unlike only 9 time-frames available in MT4. Similarly, over 100 charts can be opened for comparative analysis at the same time while using MT5, but mt4 has limitations to this number. Additionally, for fundamental traders, MT5 has a separate economic calendar with all features like global news, events, Impact and forecast which wasn’t available with MT4. Similarly, this version MT5 has an inbuilt market place where you can analyze most of market available Forex EA’s and robot’s performances on your platform itself and can also directly buy from the platform itself instead of googling and visiting multiple websites to buy a good robot. Number of Inbuilt indicators (38 in MT5 unlike 30 in MT4) also is higher along with a higher number of graphic and analytical objects in MT5. MT5 also gives you an ability to place more number of pending orders (6 in MT5 unlike only 4 in MT4) along with an extra two stop-orders. Of course, there is also more number of Instruments available for trading in MT5 along with an extra Search box added to this version. Everything else is the same by looks or by functions like One-click trading and Drag and drop feature but a definitely better product when compared to MT4.

Then why is the reluctance? It’s probably because of the MT5 inability to allow Hedging, a very important element of trading, easily available with MT4. Similarly, MT5 follows government regulations strictly to implement FIFO (First in First out) rule instead of leaving it on the broker to decide which policies regarding Margin calls and stop-outs they want to adopt. MT4 allows brokers to discard FIFO rule (which helps them gain better client-retention rate). Quick scalping also is not allowed with MT5, hence discouraging the scalper traders more. To Top them all, there’s the backward in-compatibility (to previous version EA’s and Robots ) as I mentioned earlier, that makes it a less-adopted and less-liked product, among all traders.

From broker’s point of view, again the product is superior to its previous versions. While the basic functions of managing traders accounts, process trade operations, receive and translate News and prices of available financial instruments, MT5 can additionally create and maintain back-up copies of all information that appears in the client trading platform. Mt5 also an Inbuilt Advanced security system that helps in limiting access to system and reduces security risks to Broker business and Client accounts from hacker attacks. In addition, MT5 has different functions distributed over multiple broker servers, hence adding an extraordinary speed to their price quotes, order-acceptance and order-processing functions, thus preserving the highest quality of services to their clients. The platform can easily be configured by broker itself to add or remove certain functions or to add new looks to it.

As It appears, MT5 now is definitely one of the finest trading platforms, for both traders and brokers, in terms of its superior performance and high level of flexibility. The company Metaquotes Software Corporation is actively engaged in organizing Live trading championships and contests on MT5 so as to promote it further. It so appears that it’s just a matter of time that more traders start understanding the importance of its security features and speedy execution and start accepting it as a personal choice.

Best Forex Trading App For iOS

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Best Forex Trading App For Android

The eToro Mobile Trader for Android is an easy to use trading app with a very good design and intuitive user interface.

The application contains The CopyTrader feature, easy to use trading charts, live market rates and basically all you need in order to trade Forex online using your Android based mobile device.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Bitcoin Trading

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Bitcoin (code: XBT or BTC), a crypto-currency based on a cryptographic protocol, is an electronic cash system not dependent on any central authority. Introduced in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, a pseudonymous developer, Bitcoins are transferable through a smartphone or computer without an intermediary financial institution.

The Processing of Bitcoin Transactions and the Upper Limit of Bitcoins
Bitcoin Miners, servers securing Bitcoin trading transactions, communicate across an internet-based network. Bitcoin Miners validate transactions by including them in a ledger. This ledger is updated and archived periodically employing advanced peer-to-peer file sharing technology. Besides archiving transactions, every new ledger update automatically creates newly minted bitcoins. The total number of new bitcoins minted is halved every 4 years. The maximum of 21 million bitcoins is expected to be reached in the year 2140. No more bitcoins will be minted when this upper limit of 21 million is reached. Each bitcoin is further subdivided down to eight decimals. This subdivision results in the formation of 100 million tiny units named satoshis.

The Advantages of Bitcoin Trading:

Bitcoin trading offers traders an easy avenue to earn profits. Several enterprises offer exclusive Bitcoin trading platforms for all classes of traders and investors.

Traders Can Profit Due to the Constantly Fluctuating Bitcoin Rate
Since bitcoin values are prone to wild intraday swings, traders can book huge profits. Considering that bitcoins are traded worldwide, and Bitcoin mobile trading facility is available to traders, bitcoin transactions are easy and fast.

Binary Options Trading in Bitcoins Helps Traders
Traders are offered binary options to trade in Bitcoins. The binary options trading in bitcoins helps traders to study market trends better and book huge profits. Thus, binary options trading in Bitcoins helps traders to multiply their investments. Bitcoins are also available to traders in the conventional Call/Put binary options.

Added Convenience and Truly International
Bitcoins offer an added convenience since they can be bought or sold during all times of the day. Additionally, bitcoins are truly international since they can be traded in all countries and across different time zones during business hours.

The Disadvantages of Bitcoin Trading:

Trading in bitcoin or any other currency is certainly a risky proposition. Listed below are some of the disadvantages of bitcoin trading.

Governments May Ban or Regulate Bitcoin
Governments of some nations may ban or regulate the use of bitcoin as a currency due to its use by unscrupulous people. Though the possibility of this happening seems remote, there is a slight chance that some governments may adopt this draconian measure. The biggest fear for bitcoin traders is the attempt by regulators to restrict its use.

Another Crypto-Currency Might Outperform Bitcoin
Many crypto-currencies have tried to surpass bitcoin in the past and failed. However, there is a possibility of some other crypto-currency surpassing the bitcoin in future. If this happens, the value of bitcoins may erode suddenly, and they may become worthless. If such an event comes to pass, traders stand to lose heavily.

Unfixable Flaws in the Bitcoin Protocol
Development of unfixable flaws in the bitcoin protocol may lead to a temporary stoppage in bitcoin trading.

The Domino Effect of Fear
For a new currency like bitcoin, any bearish price action can lead to further panic selling by traders due to the domino effect of fear. Buyers of bitcoin may opt to cash out during these bearish price actions leading to unrealistic price drops. During these times, traders stand to lose heavily.

Bitcoins are easy to buy and sell in most countries of the world. Additionally, bitcoins can be traded on the exchange and are easily transferable. Many traders find bitcoin trading more profitable than trading in gold.

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Best Way to Buy Stocks Online for Beginners

eToro offering fast & easy way to buy stocks online. The easy to use interface is great for beginners.

The following short video demonstrates how to buy and sell stock:

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When you buy stocks using eToro interface, you are basically purchasing a CFD which is a contract for difference. In CFD contract, the seller will pay the buyer the difference between the stock value on the purchase date and the stock value when you terminate the contract (sell the stock).

What is the main advantage of trading CFDs as opposed to actual stocks?

The main advantage of trading CFDs is that you are not limited by the share price. For example: currently (the day of writing) the price of Google stock stands at $886, this is the minimum amount of capital you need if you would like to buy one Google stock. In CFDs you can buy fraction shares. For example you can invest in Google stock CFD at eToro starting with $10 (as the video demonstration above showing).

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FX Trade Online – best practices for beginners

Mirror Trading – Trade On Auto Pilot

What is Social Investment Network?

Social investment networks are the future of trading. What I like in the social investment network idea is that you can use the “wisdom of the crowd” to make smarter investment decisions.

On the following video Yoni Assia eToro CEO explaining what is eToro social investment network.

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More advantages are:

Build your people based portfolio to diversify your investment – Number 1 rule in smart investing: diversify, diversify, diversify. You can’t get more diversity than by building a people-based portfolio.

See, follow and copy the best performing traders in the network – Between 80 -90% of
copied trades are profitable. eToro is an open and transparent investment network. Trading and
user engagement actions are transparent and available to everyone in the network.

Benefit from a wealth of expertise and information based on people’s
actual trading performance and shared opinions.

Earn an additional income as an eToro Social Guru based on the number of people
copying your trades.

Access the financial markets anytime, anywhere via Web and Mobile.

On the bottom line – In the social investment network You don’t need to be an expert to invest like a top performer. I would recommend you to open free account and trade using virtual money. I”m sure that after short time you will see the advantages and switch to real money.

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ZuluTrade social investment network

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Forex Contests

This can add another interesting dimension to your trading interests when you start your week with a forex contest. The brokers, all over the world organize regular contests for traders like you and me where hundreds of traders from different parts of the world, with different kinds of strategies come to participate and test the supremacy of their skill-sets against each other. All contests are held online and promise excellent rewards for the winners including live funded accounts, cash prizes, Ipad’s, laptops and a lot of things like those. Guess what, these contests are absolutely free to participate so you have nothing to lose but a lot to win.

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Most of the contest are monthly and weekly in nature and usually are conducted upon demo accounts, so you never really need any of your own money to risk in it. Of course there are live account contest also Like ‘King of MINI’ contest by FXCM broker’ (www.fxcm.com ) where the top prizes can be in the tune of even $15000 but you run the risk of losing your own money in a live trading contest. This risk is eliminated by participating in a demo contest where you just need to register a free demo account and there you go. The prizes in a demo are limited alright but If you could just explore that more, then you will see the even the demo contests can win you a million dollar account. I remember this forex contest held sometime in the end of the last year in Dubai where the contestants were to be judged upon their’ ‘adjusted rates of return’ and the highest achiever was to be handed over a $ 2.5 Million live account to keep. Of course, it takes perseverance to keep an eye on the latest happenings in the contest world and finding a seat in it at the right time but you will see that in the end that all these efforts are worthwhile as the winners not only get to keep the winning prize but also come in the notice of other traders around who have a lot of interest in finding a winner trading guru. An example of this will be the monthly demo contests held by Dukascopy broker of Switzerland ( www.dukascopy.com) where the winner of each of the tournament gets to become a listed trading guru whose services can be availed of by the other members in lieu of a fee, so that’s regular extra income besides the basic winning prize.

That’s not the end of it. The hidden game is that the contest winners and other statistics are tracked by the recruiting firms who are always in need of top performing traders for their hedge fund clients. The contest data is bought by these recruiters as this is the easiest method for them to reach the right guys for their top notch companies, all in a single place. To the winners, there is this international exposure to earn which comes extra to the basic prize you win and then, you never know when the hedge fund is coming your way.

I also witnessed a ‘Trade to lose’ contest held by a US based broker where the biggest loser in the contest was to be declared the winner. Funny it is but know what, it isn’t easy to lose it either when your sole objective behind your trading is to lose. So make up your mind, sharpen your strategies and start participating in few. It’s just a matter of days that you will see for yourself where you stand and find it on your own if you really are better than the rest.

Brokers Who Organize Regular Contests:




eToro Openbook Review

What is an ECN Broker

What is eToro Guru Program?

This article is only an extension to our previous articles on eToro social investment network and the concept of Mirror trading. While mirror trading, popularly known as ‘Auto trading’ is only a facility to copy the profitable trader’s trades in your account without any human intervention, the concept of eToro guru program goes one-step forward in facilitating your forex learning stage with a full-fledged teacher’s touch. It’s called ‘Social-trading’ or a ‘Social investment network’, a concept where you get to learn to trade from the wisdom of the real trader Gurus, interact with your fellow traders and make good profits in the forex markets as all good traders do.

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Under the eToro Guru program, you get to choose a Guru from the profitable expert traders available on eToro open-book software. You are of course, free to choose any number of Gurus that you like and then you can follow them on their trades as they go live. Since the Gurus earn a part of the spread paid to eToro, it becomes Guru’s responsibility to explain you each trade, the logic behind trade and also how to set your risk management that would best match the given trade. The performance and feedback on each of the Gurus is listed on Open-book, so you get to analyze their trading at your own comfort and then decide who it is that matches your comfort the most. Open-book also has its own criteria to select ‘Top 100 Guru’s on its own parameters and this list is updated with each trade that they make. So you need not bother if selecting a Guru was a challenge as here, you can simply opt for the top ten and then just Copy, follow, trade.

So, a perfect platform to learn and benefit from the experience of the trading Gurus but what if you yourself are a profitable trader and would like to boast off your skills to the world ? It’s really simple to do it here and find a strong followership on eToro as this is the only place where your trading skills will instantly be exposed to tens of thousands of people, all in a single place. The followers on open-book search for newer and more profitable Gurus, so If you are good with your trading, then it’s just a matter of a few weeks that you will have your own followers and your own fan-following across the Globe. eToro not only makes you a Global Brand but also pays you very good money for every new follower that you gain. What more, you don’t really need a Live account to prove your words, you can just sign up for a practice Guru Account and your statistics will automatically be shown to the world. Same is the facility for the followers also where they can simply open a Practice account, select a few Gurus and let their trading run.

That’s not the end as the eToro Guru program not only offers the opportunity to earn a trading income but also a second Income that is generated as you spread a word around about eToro-Guru program. Under this program, you can be paid over $100 for each of the new Trader who joins eToro social investment network and opts for this eToro guru program. Of course eToro takes no guarantee or responsibility on the success of the chosen guru but then again, forex market is all about risks and taking risks and Isn’t that what makes the forex market so much exciting? The Gurus have their own money and their own followership on stake, so they are always very cautious while choosing their trades. However, if one sometimes makes an occasional mistake, remember that this is a people-based Portfolio where occasional failures of one of the Gurus can easily be compensated by the profitability of others. eToro Guru is a carefully designed program that costs nothing to join and has only the rewards to take. So if you are a learning trader with a lifelong trading goal, I will strongly recommend that you take a look at eToro social investment network at the earliest and give this network a real shot.

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eToro Openbook Review



Here we are looking at a US based broker, duly registered with NFA and CFTC and well known for its fair business practices, the name is Fxclub.

With its Head office on Wall Street in New York, U.S.A, Fxclub has been in the business for over fifteen years now and has a worldwide clientele with its major presence in U.S., Brazil, China, Russia and other European countries. The company’s managed to keep a reserve fund of no less than $20 Million to be able to meet up any contingencies if and when anything arrives. This broker also boasts of a huge manpower of over 550 employees to cater to all its client needs, be it in the area of training or the trading.

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Coming to their services, Fxclub offers the opportunity to trade and profit in the forex markets even to the smallest of the traders. There is no minimum requirement to open a live account which you can open with anything as low as $100. They also offer a free demo account of up to $50,000 to everybody to practice their strategies and learning before putting their real money in the line. However, the traders of Fxclub are never left alone to face any difficulties as the broker has a dedicated training department where experienced professionals take good care of your trading interest and guide you well in developing your trading career right from scratch. Similarly, Fxclub has also employed a team of experienced analysts who analyze all markets movement and keep you updated on happening and trading opportunities as and when they arise. The wonderful library of Fxclub consists of downloadable videos and eBooks that they offer to every client who has an interest in it. Not just that, Fxclub also gives you auto market scanning and analysis software ‘Auto chartist’ to help you at all stages of decision- making. This broker makes sure that you capitalize off its intelligence and experience and are provided with the best of training, analytics and a personal customer support, irrespective of where you reside. The company also holds daily training webinars for both beginner and experienced people that include daily market strategies. Guess what, it’s all free.

Coming to its trading platforms and charting applications, Fxclub has a vast array of options available to its customers. The platforms available are Meta-trader and Act-trader. They also have their own proprietary platforms, Rumus and Expressfx that are very easy to operate and work with lightening speed. Express-Fx in particular is a very special platform that has limited pairs but zero spreads, no slippages and ‘no re-quotes. What more can you ask for than this that they instantly refund you the commission charged on negative trades, so they become your partners not only in profits, but also in your loss, I haven’t heard of any broker with that good a feature. However, this kind of an account has a minimum requirement of $1500 to open an account but don’t worry about that as with this account, you get the ‘auto chartist software’ absolutely free.

Time and again, Fxclub comes out with newer promotional campaigns which include schemes like ‘no deposit bonus’ and ‘100% bonus to your deposits’. They also organize regular contest which are participated by tens of thousands of customers across the globe with ‘winner takes it all’. The prizes can include hefty live accounts, cruise trips with paid vacations and even a new luxury car.

Coming to auto trading, there is no restriction by Fxclub to put your account in the hands of their over 300 experienced traders who can mirror their trades in your account, manage your risk profile and handle everything in your account as their own. I truly believe that by choosing to learn and trade with Fxclub, you are taking a very wise step towards investing with a friendly reliable broker that will not only walk with you on a personal level but also match all your expectations, a hundred times.

Act-trader -  fast execution, low spread costs, and no dealing desk intervention.

Rumus - offers all kinds of complex and advanced tools, including historical data, alerts, market news, and charting options

Express-Fx - a simple trading platform that is easy to understand. refund you the commission charged on negative trades

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What Is An ECN Broker?

ECN brokers are the real source of quotes and trading as far as forex is concerned as unlike the market-maker brokers, they aren’t any real dealing-desks. Most of the brokers that you see in forex Industry are market-makers who accept your orders but do not process them further to the market or to the bank. In a way, market makers are a counter -party to your trade and their interest lies in trading against your order which is not the case with ECN’s.

ECN, a better and a more transparent system is electronic communications network (ECN) that brings all the banks and major investing institutions in forex to the party. An ECN broker only connects people in the marketplace and lets them trade against each other. All the orders are processed straight to the bank with no exceptions, so they don’t have any real interest in cheating their clients or in trading against them. With transparency being paramount, there are a couple of other important features that make ECN brokers a preferred mode of trading but let me mention before-hand that ECN brokers are not meant for any small trading activities. To be able to avail of ECN broker facilities, you must have a significantly large amount in your account as the Lot sizes with ECN run only in Standard lots and not any Nano or a micro lot. Similarly, the leverage available is very low, hence requiring huge margin-money on each trade-order which may not be available with most of the traders, not with 99% of them at-least.

Coming to ease of operation and the cost of trading, it definitely is cheaper to trade with an ECN broker. ECN brokers (courtesy its network connectivity) can find you the cheapest spreads in the market which can be as low as zero sometimes. They charge you some commission besides the spread which is not charged by market-makers but in-spite of that, the cost of placing your orders is lesser here than conventional spread-based trading. That also suggests that the spreads with an ECN broker are not fixed and keep changing as the market grows, taking all the demand and supply into consideration.

As all the profits and losses are paid directly by the bank, the ECN brokers do not have any interest in cheating their clients with re-quotes, unauthorized trades and stop-loss hunting. The ECN broker’s only interest is in the commission and the spreads. They are also paid nice incentives by the banks on cumulated monthly transactions by all their traders, so more trading means more profits for them. Another unique advantage to being with an ECN broker is that an ECN can accommodate all kinds of trading style including even scalping. So whether you are a day trader or a swing trader, an ECN broker will always have a room for you unlike market-makers who do not prefer scalpers and profit- makers.

However, leaving the disadvantages aside, the ECN brokers are fairly transparent in their operations. The money deposited with them is straight processed to the banks and not used for meeting the broker company expenses, hence keeping your money safe. Even if the broker was to go bankrupt after sometime, your money is held safe in the custody of the bank. Another major advantage is that ECN brokers accept bank guarantees, so there need not be any physical transfer of money from your bank account to the broker. This is useful for offshore-trading as your bank can simply issue an undertaking guarantee which you can send to the brokers and then they can give you a ready account, duly funded, ready to trade.

In the end, I must make it simpler for our readers to be able to avail of ECN rates and facilities even while trading with small initial deposits. My pick is www.fxclub.com that in-spite of being a conventional forex broker, offers tight ECN rates which can also be as low as zero. Similarly, fxclub refunds all of the spread charges in case your close your position in a loss, now that’s unique. The leverage is as high as available with any other U.S. based broker and now what more can you ask for when fxclub can also match up your deposit balance with an equivalent bonus, absolutely free.

FX Club Review

Best Forex Indicator

Best Forex Strategies For Beginners